EGO-CE4 1100mAh Deluxe Kit

It contains two 1100mAh batteries and two cartomizers. Black, chrome and white.

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This kit includes a FREE EGO standard case, worth £6.99!

(Don't worry, it will be automatically added into your package thus it will not showing in the shopping cart.) 

The EGO-CE4 builds on the achievements of the EGO. Its huge battery enables over 800 puffs a day. The CE4 is the powerful e-cigarette to use a clearomizer to hold a large capacity of 1.6ml e-liquid and the volume of existing eliquid can be easily monitored. This revolutionary new CE4 e-cigarette would last you all day long without often refilling e-liquid. 

The EGO-CE4 consists of CE4 clearomizers and batteries. It offers 5 times as many puffs as other normal e-cigarette. The CE4 gives realistic feel and provides lots of vapour with mechanisms inherited from the EGO double air circulation system. The new power saving battery function improves the efficiency of power consumption. 

Starter often use their first e-cigarette that looks like a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, a short life of battery of those smaller models can be frustrating. REALLY EGO-CE4 1100mAh deluxe kit uses massive 1100mAh batteries and can continuously be vapoured for up to 15 hours without charging, also, its clearomizer holds 1.6ml e-liquid that can last for approximately 500 puffs. 

This kit comes with:

2 x EGO 1100mAh Manual Batteries (batteries now come with 5 click lock feature by popular demand!)
2 x CE4 Clearomizers (Empty CE4 Clearomizers - require to buy E-Liquid separately)
1 x USB Charger 
1 x USB to UK/EU Mains Charger 
1 x User Manual

See how to use REALLY EGO-CE4 1100mAh Deluxe Kit in this tutorial:

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