REALLY E-Cigarette Sub-ohm Tanks are in general the most sophisticated vaping device available in the industry. Compatible with our Really Box Mod found also in our REALLY starter kits, it is the favourite tool for cloudchasers and sub-ohm vapers. Its popularity radicates for the higher level of customised vapour production that can be achieved, able to satisfy any vaper personal wants, needs, and preferences.

What is a Sub-ohm vaping tank?

Sub Ohm tanks were designed to match the flavour & vapour production of advanced rebuildable atomizers meanwhile offering the ease and convenience of pre-built coils. Sub-ohm tanks are built to handle coils rated at less than 1.0Ohm meaning much greater airflow (like sucking on a wide straw). It is advisable when you vape with sub-ohm coils to decrease the nicotine mg consume in your e-liquids, as the increased amount of vapour produced per puff could quickly become hardly harsh when low resistances are exposed for a significance amount of voltage or wattage energy .

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RST Coil Head

RST Coil Head
The Coil Head is an accessory for RST Tank.

RST Rebuidable Tank

RST Rebuidable Tank
A versatile combination of the best of both rebuildable atomiser worlds.

Vengeance - Mini Volt Coil Head

Vengeance - Mini Volt Coil Head
The Coil Head is an accessory for Vengeance and Mini Volt Tank.

Vengeance Sub-Ohm Tank

Vengeance  Sub-Ohm Tank
Perfect company for the Mini Volt kit. A favourite one among sub-ohm vapers and cloudchasers.

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